We all know that it is extremely important to make a good first impression. However, it also equally important to create a lasting impression. Vehicle Graphics and Wraps are a memorable way to increase awareness of your product or service and be created with the help of our experts at ADS Phoenix. Here are three reasons Vehicle Graphics and Wraps would be a benefit to your business.

Attention Grabbing

Although we live in a world full of color, when it comes to car color, we tend to play it safe and stick to the status quo. According to numbers collected by PPG, 38 percent of the cars sold last year were finished in white. Second place goes to black at 16 percent, while silver and gray round up the top 4 with 12 and 10 percent, respectively. With bright colored, attractive vehicle wraps, your company vehicles will stand out from the crowd and draw the eyes of many. The engagement of well designed, colorful vehicle wraps will result in greater exposure for your brand.

Broader Reach

Reaching desired audiences can be a tedious, challenging task. With the use of vehicle wraps, your company will travel, literally, into view of customers, rather than waiting for customers to find you or your ads. With the prevalence of ads in every area of our lives, non-intrusively reaching out to customers can be of great benefit to your business. Depending on whether you have one vehicle or many, plus how far and often you travel, you could potentially reach thousands of people each month, many of whom might just need your products or services.

Non-Aggressive Advertising

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics attract attention without causing a disturbance or distraction. With a well-designed vehicle wrap, drivers and potential customers can easily spot your message without a significant distraction. Customers often have a greater response towards advertising that isn’t an ‘in-your-face’ approach, but rather something that catches their eye involuntarily. Additionally, this approach often leaves a lasting impression on potential customers and does not leave your audience with negative feelings towards advertising efforts..

Does your company need help designing or printing an effective Vehicle Graphics or Wraps? Our experts at ADS Phoenix will help you develop and produce the perfect product that catches the eye of your desired audience. Additionally, our printing services are extremely cost-effective without compromising on quality. This means you can be assured you’re getting value for your money. Contact ADS Phoenix for your Vehicle Graphic or Wrap needs today.