Although our world continues to convert to digital, many practices are best remained as traditional. For example, a handwritten thank-you card, a home cooked meal, or a traditional business card, rather than digital means of exchanging information.. Traditional printed materials such as business cards, allow prospective customers and clients the chance to see and remember your brand.

Despite our digital world, here are four reasons the traditional business card remains a practical and effective promotional item.

They Are Small But Mighty

This card might be small, but it sure is mighty. Business cards can do more than just sharing contact information with a potential client. A well- designed business card conveys the skills and personality that your company possess. A good business card tells a story.

They Are More Personal

Networking and building relationships with your customers is all about genuine connections. Swapping personal details and contact information might be more convenient via email or text. However, it is extremely impersonal. Engaging in eye contact and actual conversation is how real business relationships form. Email marketing and SEO all do a sufficient job of attracting prospective clients, but no matter how well you think you may know your target audience, these channels will never be as personal as an in-person meeting sealed with a handshake and a business card.

They Are Affordable

Affordability is a key aspect to consider when deciding on any marketing tool. Business cards take the cake when it comes to affordable promotional products and printed materials. Printing a 3.5×2 inch business card will cost your business less than paid media marketing, product samples, or brochures.

They WIll Never Go Out Of Style

A business card can wear many hats. It can lead you to a new job, a new partnership or simply help your business make money. In today’s world, there are many ways to get yourself onto people’s contact lists. However, a business card is a traditional printed material that remains a staple in the professional world.

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