In the midst of a digital centered world, is a well-designed brochure still of benefit to your business’s marketing plan? The answer is yes! Brochures remain a staple in any company’s branding process.

Here are some key advantages of having a brochure for your company or business:

Brochures Can Hold A Lot of Information

Brochures allow your business to display detailed information enticingly. Brochures can provide information on every aspect of your business. From the history, mission, latest news, customer reviews, product details and pricing, a brochure has room for it all. You can even generate business through your brochure by including coupons and discounts.

Brochures Are Cost Effective

Although the cost of the brochure is dependent upon design, color content, and finish quality, brochures are a relatively low-cost marketing tool to produce.  Additionally, brochures are a more cost-effective option due to the fact that prices often decrease in price if they are bought in bulk.

Brochures Can Be Included in Marketing Kits

Brochures work well when accompanied in a media kit or promotional giveaway. Media kits can be defined as a document containing information about your business, product or event. They are mainly used at events and for launches as a package of information for journalists to help them write a feature story. When included with other materials related to a product or event, brochures offer an effective overview of your company. Additionally, placing brochures in giveaway packages with bags, t-shirts, or other tangible items can attract more attention.

Brochures Are Easy to Distribute

Brochures can be strategically placed in various locations surrounding your business. This allows for greater exposure for your business, which will yield the attraction of more customers. Additionally, setting tangible items with your brochure can cause it to be more effective including brochures in giveaway packages with popsockets,  t-shirts or other items can attract more attention.

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