Fonts have a larger impact on how your design is perceived than you think, as it affects the readability and absorption of your design’s message. It’s not always just about what looks aesthetically appealing, but where the reader’s eye first enters the design and how to have high readability to keep them engaged. Here are three tips to consider when choosing the font for your next project.

Keep it simple.

When it comes to choosing a font, simple is your safest bet. You want the text of your design to be clear and easy to read. When the text on your design is difficult to read, you begin to lose your audience’s attention, making it unlikely that your message is understood. If you’re looking to use a sans-serif font, Arial, Calibri, Montserrat, and Helvetica are all safe options. For a serif font, Times New Roman will always be the classic choice. For something a little different but still, with high readability, try Lora or Palatino.

Consistency is key.

It is also important to keep branding in mind when choosing a font for a new design piece for your organization. It is generally effective to use the same combination of fonts across all designs representing the business, from the website to social media graphics. If you’re using multiple fonts on a single page, be sure to create a contrast between them, whether it’s in size or style. Two similar fonts or similar size can look awkward when trying to create a natural flow throughout the design.

Focus on the purpose.

The purpose of your design is the most important consideration when it comes to choosing a font. Fonts contribute heavily to the overall mood of the design piece. Focus on the purpose of your design, and let that guide every design made when it comes to choosing fonts, colors, and layouts. For example, A playful font may work for an advertisement aimed at children but would look unprofessional on a handout about Medicare.

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